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Arkie Lures Crappie Crankbait Minnow, Color Sexee Shad, Size: Standard

Ima Beast Hunter Crankbait Ima Beast Hunter - Deep Power Fishing Crankbait

This bait REALLY shakes it up! It’s designed for early spring and late fall when water temps are 50-65 degrees and runs 3’ to 5’ deep. The ima Shaker works best when shad are on the move in the shallows. It is a flat-sided bait with a thin lip, comes in 15 colors, and features a weight transfer system allowing the bait to travel up to distances of 60 feet on the cast. Coupled with greater accuracy, this bait is no match for its counterpart, the balsa crankbait.

Ima Shaker Crankbait Chartreuse Hortin


Hybrid Hunter Jr Crankbait

Ima Beast Hunter Crankbait

Ima Beast Hunter crankbaits are fresh from Japan and offer anglers a new weapon in their deep-diving arsenal. Made with a proven fish-catching wobble,

Beast Hunter

Ima Beast Hunter Crankbait

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Designed specifically to come through grass, without hanging up or losing effectiveness, the Beast Hunter coordinates the size of the lure’s body and thickness of its sides with the length and width of the lip. On 14-pound fluorocarbon it dominates the 10 to 13 foot range. With a very natural wobble – not too wide, not too tight – a subdued knocking sound not to turn off spooky bass, the Beast Hunter is a power bait that doesn’t overpower the situation.

Ima Beast Hunter Bluegill Ima Beast Hunter - Deep Power Fishing Crankbait

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