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Blood Run Fishing Micro Barrel Swivels are the ultimate swivel in carbon stainless steel. Our micro swivels have everything you needincredible

Barrel Swivel with Safety Snap

FishUSA Premium Rolling Barrel Swivel (25 Pack) - FishUSA

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Salmon and Steelhead Centerpin Float Fishing Tackle from Blood Run – Blood Run Fishing

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KANABEE Fishing Swivel Metal Rolling Ball Bearing Barrel Swivel

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LMAB Swivel Black Nickel Karabinerwirbel Ihr Angelshop für Angelsport und Angelausrüstung

Sturdy Material:Rolling barrel fishing swivels are made of black stainless steel, through N-Tempering process, much lighter and stronger that ensure

SF Fly Fishing Micro Swivels ( 25 Pcs)

12 Pack of Shogun S459 Black Barrel Fishing Swivels