Raid Japan Level Crank 004. PEARL SHAD

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Raid Japan aimed for a shore fishing specialized crankbait. Three required elements. 1 flying distance. Scrolls increase the bite chance as the flight distance increases. The level crank achieves the same long casting performance as vibration with this small body. At the same time, it boasts both long and short casting performance with improved casting accuracy, which is essential for shallow cranking. 2 Range keeping ability indispensable for shore fishing.

Level Crank Goriller – The Hook Up Tackle


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, The Level Crank Mid is a mid-runner for nimbly and boldly capturing the bottom of the 1.5-2M range., It cannot be reached with a normal shallow

Raid Japan Level Crank Mid

Level Crank Mid – The Hook Up Tackle

Raid Japan Level SHAD Sprinter 68MR (LSSM001-LIME-CHART) 001. Lime Chart : Sports & Outdoors

A powerful shallow water crankbait that provides high appeal in tough conditions, the RAID Japan Level Crankbait Goriller delivers strong wobbling roll action thanks to a carefully placed internal fixed tungsten weight. Featuring a highly durable squarebill for amazing snagless performance, the Level Crankbait Goriller has a fulcrum that moves around the front hook hanger and allows the lip and body to act as a shield and prevent the hooks from snagging.

Raid Japan Level Crank Goriller Pearl Shad 2.6

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Купить Raid Japan Level Crank 51SS цв. 004 Pearl Shad по цене 1000 руб.


Slow sinking compact shallow crank bait for cover fishing.○ Silent○ 2-3 feet diver○ Mid wobbling○ High castability