ReelFlies Minnow White

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Top 5 Flies for Brook Trout

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The ReelFlies Minnow in orange is a radiant Minnow imitation that will attract fish even in stained water.

ReelFlies Minnow Orange - RF-6992

, Chartreuse ReelFlies ™ Minnow, a productive Smallmouth or trophy Trout fly pattern best fished with a sink tip or intermediate fly line. A super

ReelFlies ™ ReelFlies Minnow Chartreuse - RF-6980

Unique Flies Fishing

One of the most productive minnow imitations, the ReelFlies Minnow Grizzly is a great unweighted streamer.

ReelFlies Minnow Grizzly - RF-6991

Clouser Yellow White RF-4949 Clouser Minnow For Trout

, The Reelflies Minnow Yellow is a brilliant Minnow imitation for those dark or muddy waters.

ReelFlies Minnow Yellow - RF-6994

One of our top Striped Bass flies, the Striper Slayer a must have fly for trophy Sea Bass and many other fresh and salt water preditors. Order today

ReelFlies ™ Striper Slayer - RF-6986