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Strait Flex Drywall Tape Timothy's Toolbox- Corner Bead Tape

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MF-100 Straight-Flex Mid-Flex 300 Drywall Tape - Masking Tape

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ClarkDietrich/Strait-Flex Mid-Flex 3 100 Ft. x 3 In. Drywall Tape

STRAIT-FLEX Mid-Flex3 Roll 3 X 100' MF-100

Mid-Flex 300, a laminated composite corner tape from Strait-Flex, beautifully finishes outside corners, off angles, and vaulted ceilings. Mid-Flex 300 is also a great choice when replacing damaged metal corner bead. This 3 in. tape features a pre-finished surface with a PUR-laminated nose ensuring perfect corners without paper fuzz-up during finishing and sanding. The tape's outer edge features a diamond punch pattern for a superior bond, faster drying, with no rippling or blistering.

Strait-Flex Mid-Flex 300 Drywall Tape

Strait-Flex® Tuff-Tape ClarkDietrich Building Systems

Strait-Flex Gold is a mud-on, paper-faced composite corner bead that adjusts to any angle to create perfect inside and outside 90° and off-angle corners. The composite structural backing provides strength for durability and impact resistance. The heavy-weight, diamond punched paper provides maximum adhesion for an even lay-down of the paper edge and reduced edge cracking. Strait-Flex Gold is packaged in 100 ft. rolls that can be cut to the desired length in the field to minimize scrap loss.

Strait-Flex 2-1/2 in. x 100 ft. Gold Flexible Corner Bead

Strait-Flex® Introduction ClarkDietrich Building Systems

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STRAIT FLEX SM-100 2-1/4-Inch X 100-Feet Medium Composite Tape

ClarkDietrich Strait-Flex 2.375-in x 100-ft Solid Joint Tape in the