WFT target fish monofilament - catfish

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WFT Prey Fish Line Target Fish 8 at low prices

Target Catfish

Target Catfish

Singer Specialist Crystal Hi-Vis Waggler, The transparent one! Anyone who fishes on large, shallow waters needs special floats that fly far and don't

Singer Specialist Crystal Hi-Vis Waggler 3+2 g 29 cm

Anaconda Carp Lazzo 0.33mm 7.75kg 1000m Mud Colored

WFT Target Fish 8 TF8 Pilk 220 m Yellow, 0.22mm & 20kg

WFT Fishing Line & Leaders

Mitchell MX5 3000 HS

Abu GarciaZenon MG-LTX Low Profil Reel LH Baitcast, Die pure Leichtigkeit!Hey, hast du schon von Abu Garcia's leichtester und kompaktester

Abu Garcia Zenon MG-LTX LH Baitcast

Target Catfish


Prologic Fulcrum BF TF 6000 1+1 Free!